Friday, March 6, 2009

Another projects concept art!

Well, you can't miss the Steamteam artwork that's being dumped all over the place here. But because the teams were created by the teachers I didn't get into the group with the Steamteam but with another team. This team was a 5 man team, but now only 4 remain. TeamRoys members are Roy Nieterau, Jeroen Ritsema, Niels Medemblik en Rik Schutte (lost guy is Dimitar Kralev). All hardworking creative students.

This project contains a girl, a dog, a house.. and some other stuff. I've been sketching away for the girl and the dog before we even knew where we were off to. No Art Director assigned yet, just the first sketches for a project to come was the way we were working. So I did.

Also don't forget to check out the work of Steamteam that will most likely for time that is coming up will be surrounding my posts. Hehe.

Here are my sketches guys!

Your writer,
Roy Nieterau

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