Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What is here, in this upward direction?

Soooo. Dead site, I reckon? Just a quick update for some would-be continuity!

We're actually all busy with our internships; Tom and I are busily at work at Rosto A.D. in Amsterdam and René and Roy are slacking off (hurr hurr) at House of Secrets in Hilversum. So no updates as of yet! As we're not allowed to show off or work just yet. Boohoo.

HOWEVER, Consurgo (the short by Tom, René and I) is DONE rendering and compositing! Just a few minor tweaks (and music and sound effects that we're trying to arrange) and the whole thing is finished! HA! Don't know if we can sitll be proud of it, or if we think we can do soooo much better already, but one thing is certain; we have learned A LOT and it was a great experience :) Can't wait to start the next one, actually!

So, I don't know what the other guys are doing in their free time, but I've moved to Amsterdam (for the internship) and I've been travelling! Annecy, Venice, Stockholm, Brussels, whatever! I have tried to do some 3d work in my spare time, but have come up pretty short. Just a quick modeling of my old WoW character (female Orc Warrior) that I would REALLY like to work out sometime. Here it is, anyway, dunno whne I'll get the time to work on it some more. Now, back to rigging!

-Gijs щ(◕‿‿◕щ)

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