Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another Robo Update

Hey hey...

As we're staying wihtin the steampunk theme, we ofcourse need some way to incorporate steam in our animation. I found a quick and easy way to do this. We're going to plant some planes throughout our Robot, these planes are going to be aim constrained along the Y-axis to the general camera in the scene. This so that the planes constantly face the camera.
I've created a few image seqeunces (Check out on the right) , these sequences will be projected onto the planes. I trust in Gijs' scripting skills to create a cool way to turn the IS's on or off, and a control to randomly play one of the 9 image sequences....

Compositing this will be quite easy too, I'll throw a black surface shader on everything but the smoke and the smokePlanes will have their own surface shaders with an alphamap to prevent ugly overlapping and stuff... eventually ofcourse, I'll just screen the smoke layer on top of everything else.... This will probably be the easyest way, I could also try to get it right in the masterlayer.


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