Thursday, March 12, 2009

More robotics

Hey guys, update as promised! Got some robot stuff going on! The geometry is coming together nicely, and I already started rigging some, otherwise I'm just gonna lose track of everything. So, this is what I have geometry wise, clicky for a small turn around.

Please note that the leg is alot less stupid-looking with its normal maps showing (yes for high quality preview). The normal map is probably too low resolution still, and the leg needs more detailing anyway. But I'll have a look at it next week. Point is, that most of what's on display here is already rigged and good to go! Even though there's still so much to be done, being; the organic upper body, one robotic arm at his pelvis, one organic arm at his pelvis, and likewise for his torso. And, of course, his head.

So, what are some interesting features? Well, last week I showed you how I control them cogs. Tom even made a fancy render test with it. Anyway, there's lots more cogs in now, so that rotation speed controller had its attributes doubled. I also made some stuff that moves according to how the rest of the body moves. It's kind of hard to see, but in this quick test you can see a machine on the right side of its pelvis moving according to the rotation of his backjoints. It's not easy to see because of the sucky quality, the fact you can't see his body, and the fact that it's shoddy animation, but still!

Occlusion render of some of the geometry. As you can see it still has alot of loose ends :)

This brings me to the trash on his back, this is animated by a controller on the ground. I found it necessary to avoid dynamics again, so I initially aim constrained all the 'scrap'-objects on his back to said controller. It worked fine, but everything moved so uniformally, and that I didn't like. So now, instead, you just animate the large bag of cogs, flip a switch on the controller, and bang, all the stuff moves around, each with a different delay and rotational offset!

Well, anyway, that's it for now, I gotta get to working on this thing again. When it's all finished and complete, I will write a detailed post explaining the rig and its scripts (which already takes up 5 whole pages on letter size 12!).

So, see ya :D

-Gijs щ(◕‿‿◕щ)

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