Sunday, March 8, 2009

WIP Father

Here's what I've been working on the last few weeks.
For our Short I'm designing the father character, with this design at an early stage we put down the style of the whole package. We're going for a semi-realistic look. Lots of fine detail, with some realsitic touches... combined with harsh plastic and charicaturistic shapes.

On the right you can see a preview of one of the first stages of basemodeling in maya.
The face contains some sharp and strong edges wich difine our choise of style. We had to have a character that was both tough an poor at the same time. He needs to be a loving, strong father and a role model for the audience to sympathise with.
In the images you'll see my progress in Zbrush...
Here you can see what I've done to create a believable face. I painted my textures in Zbrush to create some realism. To make the face more personal I added the that I could reshape the face again to make everything fit perfectly....

I found a very cool way to sculpt hands, using the 'claytube' tool in Zbrush.

This is what the final Topology looks like, also you can see a turntable of the full body and a preview of the tangent space normals in Maya. We decided not to use the hat....

Hope you like:D

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