Sunday, March 8, 2009

WIP Girl

Here's what I've been doing for the other charatcer, The Daughter, wich is Rene's creation. After he finished modeling I used the same techniques as I used on the father to texture the head. This was completely diffirent, as a young girl's face is smooth and round. Here's a preview of the texture WIP in Zbrush... (She may look a lil alieny, but that'll turn out better then it looks now)

In maya, we added the eyes (also used on the dad) to see where this was going... I created bump and spec maps in PS and
finally I rendered out a nice image of her face (just a blinn). Note, the face has no expression yet, no eyelashes, eyebrows or hair... so she still may look a lil creepy..
Check out rene's posts to see how she's progressing...
Thnx 4 looking1

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