Friday, April 17, 2009

The little girl…

While I’m busy animating for
the steamteamproject I can tell you a little story.
There once was a little sad polygon,
who suddenly changed in the mesh of a little girl.

She had hair made with paintfx who were later
on converted to polygons.

The girl was happy. But everything looked so grey.
It was really necessary that she needed some more
color in her life. She was UV-ed in UVLayout.
Textures were created with photoshop and Zbrush.

The girl was happy with the colors.
Some blendshapes created a nice little smile on her face.

Her wish was to become a fully animated character.
But to fly you first need to learn to stand and walk.
So she got herself an efficient rig on her body.
She also got moving eyelids while the eyes were moving.
No dynamics were used for the skirt and the hair.
The hair was aimcontrained to a controller and the
skirt had driven keys so it would move properly when
the legs were moving. The skirts’ animation could be
adjusted later on using rigged boxes on it.

To give the girl more expressions the face was rigged also.
Little boxes on her face could adjust the facial expression
after using an expression from the attributes.
With this technique every facial move can be unique and
adjusted in any way.

The girl was happy and was animated happily ever after....

1 comment:

  1. Ha! Interesting story. Hehe.
    Seems to me the girl is coming along nicely.

    Why isn't tom showing those tiny rendered clips for the personal showreel and stuff?