Sunday, April 26, 2009

Some quick Updates

Hey hey,
We're superrrr busy right now, mostly problem solving. Maya's just been a bitch the last few weeks, been driving me insane....
Here's just a short summary of these frustrating weeks:
Ok, a problem with normal maps is, that they do'nt generate ambient occlusion:( So i imported our highpoly Zbrush meshes and baked the AO, and placed these maps on surface shaders in an extra renderlayer, here's the result:
This all worked out very nice....
I won't go into detail of our problem solving, there's just been too much crap going on....
Shader, rig and render issues, all generated by maya...ARGH!:@

After a few very very frustrating days, I created these turntables: I animated my father character, rene animated his girl and gijs created a walkcycle for his bot.
I lightend, did the camerawork, renderd and composited....

Quick Previzzz of the girl
Ok, after a lot of problems with the girls file, I was finaly able to render. Eventhough I drove poor Rene crazy....
I composited in AE using fairly simple but cool techniques to create a nice ambiance. A lot of sparks and steam are done in post too.
The characters are now presented, posing as actors...

The Father

The Girl

And the bot (not finished, needs 2 more shots) also, this isn't so much a turntable, but just some cool shots to put in our reels;)

Hand Close Up

Foot Close Up

Body Medium Close

Hope U like!

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