Wednesday, May 13, 2009

An end of things!

Soooo, long time no see from me. So here a PERSONAL update! The reason for the lack of updates has been because of a lot of things. Render issues, me not working for like two weeks because I've been skateboarding like all Hell (broke up with my girlfriend of 2,5 years, so I gotta do something, right?), production being kind of slooooooooooow. But, the deadline is in two weeks! And we're never gonna make it!

The deal is this: in two weeks, we will have the entire short animated, and 1/3 of it rendered. This will be enough to get our grades in school, and we'll complete the film after that. AS FOR THIS FINAL EFFORT: the entirety of the Steamteam (hopefully!) will come to my house once more next week, AND BY GOD, WE WILL ANIMATE! WE WILL KEY THOSE FRAMES, AND COMP THOSE SEQUENCES! WE WILL SMASH KEYBOARDS, CONTROL Z OBSESSIVELY, INCREMENTAL SAVE FEVERISHLY, AND MOST OF ALL,


In fact, even Roy might come along to discuss some MOVIE stuff I can't talk about yet. Well, I can, but it's not certain that we're gonna do it. But if we will. Oh boy. Big screen coming up, babies. Dutch big screen. But still. Big screen.


-Gijs щ(◕‿‿◕щ)

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