Saturday, July 4, 2009

Rendering away

Here is an image I rendered a few days ago. I saw this amazing WIP post on zbrush central by Ryan Kingslien. He used zbrushes new decimation master to export his high-poly mesh to maya. and photographed it with mentalray, an amazing result.

Here's my attempt:


  1. Looking really nice man! Is the whole thing yours, or only the render?

  2. It's all his! He's made it all. The character was (if I remember correctly!) for the zbrush seminar.

    Nice to see you here mitko!

  3. Sorry for the late response Mitko:S
    But as Roy says, it's all mine, and the model was done for the seminar indeed. The render was just a personal exercise to acheive a Vray-like quality within mayas MR. I only added some noise and contrast to the image in PS...

    Nice of you to drop by:)