Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Busting Some Heads

Hey there,

As my fellow team members may seem dead, I will show a sign of life again...
This is what I've been doing for the last week. I created a very very basic Bust in Maya,
My goal was to create a realistic male Bust, I've never done this before (as I always tend to lean towards chracatures) So, very exciting! It took me a while to get all the proportions working for me, I tried as much as possible not to use any references.

The topology is realy bad, I'm actually waiting for Zbrush 3.5 (especially the new GoZ feature!!!)
to retopo this guy. I wanted to do some rendering and compositing tests, so I decimated my model from the highest subd, from about 3.000.000 to about 3.000 polys. So i'm not using displacement or even bumpmaps (as my model is nog UVed or detailed yet).

Maya gave me a lot of issues, so I thought I'd go back to my old friend 3DS Max, and used Vray for the passes, here you can see the composit sheet, very basic. I made this setup, so I can re-use it later with my finalized model.

Well, here's the final:

I also used the basemesh bust to create these characters. Just a Quick study with some stereotype features, planning to create more.

I hope you liked this,


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